Friday, December 7, 2012

Putting Words Into Actions

Have you ever told someone that you were going to start up your own blog but never really truly got around to putting your words into actions? Yup, that's me. I'll be the first to admit that I say I'll do a lot of things that I don't actually end up doing. Not because I don't want to, but because I am afraid of the initial processes of what it entails to take on big projects or to make a blog such as this. This includes the background image, the color schemes, the font size, the font itself, and yes, even the blog title. It's safe to say that it has taken me over two days plus an hour of clicking through every possible font in sizes 14, 16, & 20, and one seriously huge mistake I made with my first blog title (let's just say "yurologie" flies way too close to the title of a doctor that specializes in male parts...) to get this right, or at least for now. You can call it OCD or whatever you'd like, but I prefer the friendlier term, VERY "detail oriented." :)

By no means do I expect this blog to appeal to everyone nor it to reach some list of must-read blogs, but I do expect this blog to be a creative avenue for me to express myself and my interests. I am constantly inspired by the things that I see, read, and experience on a daily basis and I want to share that with the people that I care about (i.e. friends, family, future family) and anyone who is interested. Because honestly, do we want to be remembered by the comments posted on our Facebook and those awful awful pictures tagged of us (red cups and all), or something truly of substance and value?

If you do choose to read this blog, you can expect a superfluous amount of baking/cooking recipes and photos, the crafts I make (especially greeting cards), random photos and short blurbs about my life and newfound discoveries, as well as some of my political commentary on world issues (I am part Poli Sci major after all).